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March 3 & March 4, 2023

Denver, Colorado


Our mission at I Write Writing Academy, LLC. is to provide coaching services for creatives, writers and aspiring authors with goals to explore and improve their writing skills.


Our I Write Conference is an annual event to bring creatives, writers and aspiring authors together in one space to learn more about writing, publishing and selling books. This WRITING 2-Day Conference provides more of a 1-on-1 approach to writing in order to provide accountability and writing completion to their attendees.

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  • Onsite Author's Meet & Greet

  • Writing Classes & Meetings

  • Publishing Your Book Panel Discussion

  • Author's Banquet

  • Specialty Author's T-Shirt included 


Payment Plans Available


General Admission

I Write Writing Conference | Meet us in Colorado!

Whether you are a Creator, Author, or Soon-to-Be, this conference was designed with you in mind. Giving you a 2-Day Experience for you to network with others in your field. Come Learn, Create, and Thrive with us!

Kids General Admission

(Children 12 or Under)

  • Onsite Authors' Meet & Greet

  •  Writing Classes & Meetings 

  • Publishing Your Book Panel Discussion

  • FREE Dinner at Authors' Banquet

Author Specialty T-shirt included


General Admission
  • Onsite Authors' Meet & Greet

  • Writing Classes & Meetings 

  • Publishing Your Book Panel Discussion

  • Authors' Banquet


Group/Team Pricing

Over $1,000 of Savings

(For A Group Of 8)
  • Onsite Authors' Meet & Greet

  •  Writing Classes & Meetings

  • Publishing Your Book Panel Discussion

  • FREE Dinner at Authors' Banquet


Purchase Ticket

Disclaimer: Please select the Best Option for you! Please be sure to read all options available in the packages. Please review the Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

  • Does these prices Include Travel and Lodging?
    None of our student pricing plans include travel expenses, however we do offer student pricing plans that include lodging. Keep in mind, lodging included in our plans are based on where the event will take place.
  • Why are the courses to be announced regarding location?
    Because we are hosting classes year-round, we don't want our students to be in places with weather restrictions. Example: being too hot or too cold. The students who have been accepted into our program will be notified of the location in plenty of time to give them a chance to plan accordingly.
  • Is there a dress code for the classes?
    NO, please dress in whatever makes you fell comfortable. As long as it covers all of your important parts.
  • Will I have the opportunity to publish my book during the 2-Day Classes?
    Unfortunately, you will not have the opportunity to self-publish your book(s) during our course times, however you will get tons of information to show you how to complete yourself during your own time. If you don't feel you're able to complete the task of self-publishing by yourself, you're able to allow Bigger Than Books to complete this process for you by setting up a FREE 15-minute consultation.
  • Are refunds available?
    We know that unforeseen things can and will happen to us on a daily basis. For this reason, we don't offer refunds but we do allow the person who was accepted into our program to be a part of another upcoming class. Registration and Completion of course must happen within 1 year of time of missed class.
  • How do I notify someone about my food allergies regarding food served during the program?
    Before the program you will have an opportunity to notify the state about food allergies.
  • How am I able to register for classes under a payment plan?
    Please send a message to Please keep in mind that you would need to be accepted into the program for payment plan options.
  • What does Bigger Than Books have in place regarding Coronavirus.
    Please note that our company is not liable for any contractions of coronavirus. We will make every attempt to use suggestions provided by the states where course are held.
  • Am I able to drink alcohol at this event?
    As a company, we don't drink. However, if you drink you will need to do so on your own time.
  • Can I bring my pet to this event?
    Only if your pet is a service animal as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • Are children welcome to join this event?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer classes for children at this time. To be fair to other paying students, we want to create an atmosphere that allows our students to focus.
  • Do you have a curriculum for this event?
    Yes and each student will receive this information privately prior to attending class.
  • I can't afford to attend this program yet, what are your suggestions?
    We get it, sometimes money is tight. Feel free to join our other networks.

You need to attend this conference


You've been wanting to invest in yourself and your upcoming writing career. 

You are unclear on how to publish your upcoming book but is looking for a step-by-step process on how to do so

You're wanting to connect with other creatives in your field. Ready to network and connect with other like-minded individuals

You have a desire to learn from other successful authors who are in the position you want to be.

This conference will sharpen your skills as a writer and give you an opportunity to learn new strategies for creating a successful book

You've been needing that spark to help propel the launch of your new book

You will receive practical information that you'll be able to put to practice immediately.

You're tired of sitting on the sidelines with your ideas and you're wanting an action plan on how to get those ideas to paper

You have no idea how to tell your story and create an impactful experience with your audience 

You're done playing small and suppressing your ideas and are motivated to get started on your new book


I would love nothing more than for you to join me for this impactful conference

My name is LaNette and I'm an Author, Writing Coach and also the owner of I Write Writing Academy LLC. I'm also the creator of I Write Conference. I'm a member of both Sigma Kappa Delta and Alpha Kappa Delta. Recently featured in Voyage Denver Magazine, I created the I Write Conference because I'm passionate about writers, authors, and creatives following their passion for seeing their book come to life. I am a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell. This 2-day event will help you cultivate your story. Let's write your book!

Image by lilartsy

Your Support Means the World to us

Be apart of our sponsorship program and get exclusive offers for your business. Your support for our annual conference is much appreciated and will be used for I Write Conference expenses.

Spine Sponsor
Investment of $797

Spine Sponsor allows us to talk about you, your business, or (1) your book(s) at our event only.

1 Event Ticket included
Author Specialty T-shirt included
Page Sponsor
Investment of $1575

Page Sponsors allows us to talk about you, your business or your


(1) book at our event 

(3) of our social media pages

1 Event Ticket included
Author Specialty T-shirt included
Book Cover
Investment of $3150

Book Cover Sponsor allows you the opportunity to inspire our guest for 20 minutes with an Inspirational Talk at (2) of our main events 

Introduction as Keynote Speaker

Your Marketing Materials  included in up to 40 swag bags


(4) Event Tickets for all program events (Not eligible for resale)


VIP Preferred Seating

2 Author Specialty T-shirt included
Reading a Digital Book

Can't attend? Please take a minute to donate to our cause of helping Aspiring Authors get to the next level of their writing journey. All donations will go to students wanting to be a part of this event or upcoming I Write Writing Academy, LLC programs.

All donations $50 and over will receive a FREE t-shirt

We're Going to Miss You

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